Creative Talent can earn in any place through writing

Our main mission and we will kept doing it forever.

We Built Great
Tools For The Young

Opportunity To Work Anywhere, Develop and Express your Creativity.

We Are Young & Talented Help Young People Like You

Our concept is just designed for people just like you.

We built online ecosystem to provide cloud solution to all young people


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You Can

Make Money

Creative Talent earn through their writing meanwhile develop creativity and skill. Express your writting skill anywhere, the freedom is up to you.

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Comprehensive System

A comprehensive online editing tool, advertising tool and publishing tool developed and designed for just for you by professional marketing.

Great Ecosystem

Easy Collaboration

We have 2000+ young Editors and Advertisers just like you. Our system helps you make the collaboration so easy with them.




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Our Founders

We want to bring a world of endless opportunity to every youngsters or anyone, who share our passion for digital marketing experience.

Aaron LimManaging Director, Founder

Goody is made of with a bunch of amazing, talented and passionate people. Some are great in math-geek, code-geek, art-geek, idealism-geek and just geek by the way.

Alex OoiExecutive Director, Founder

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